A GraphQL API for the Stellar Blockchain

Project Goals

  • No extra infrastructure overhead - Hubble runs alongside the official Horizon API and Database. No extra catchup or ingestion is necessary!
  • Enhanced querying - Query transactions and operations for accounts between datetimes or ledgers
  • Familiar Response Schema - Query responses replicate the Horizon API as closely as possible

Try It Out

go get github.com/OwenJacob/hubblegraphql

Testnet playground coming soon!

Development Roadmap

  • H2 - 2020

    • Build out project infrastructure: Website, deployment & hosting
    • Build out project infrastructure: Testnet Horizon instance to run an instance against
    • Implementation of initial queries - query for accounts, ledgers and transactions
    • Begin implementation of enhanced querying from Horizon DB
  • Q1 - 2021

    • Extend the schema to include more of the Horizon endpoints
    • Enhance usability of the project with proper command line flags or by setting environment varibles
  • Q2 - 2021

    • Better automation for deployment and testnet resets